The P3 TekSolutions Difference 

Today I saw a commercial  for a big box provider for a computer repair service and they were touting that they would get back to you by the next business day!

WOW how about within the hour like we do and in most cases sooner! Oh and how about being fixed inside an hour!

Listen, we understand that every minute your system is down your business comes to a halt, communications is hindered, growing your business stops and billable time is lost, We get it!!

Call us today at 540-227-4017 and start getting the service you need now, not later, to keep your business growing!


Frank Gatto


P3 TekSolutions LLC

Straight Talk....

  • Fact. From our experience over 80% of computer failures can be avoided with proactive monitoring and maintenance  

  • Security is our first priority 

  • We are Master Troubleshooters
  • We answer the phone
  • We take the view that most people want value for their money and simply want the job done right
  • We have the knowledge to resolve your issues, understand why it happened and assure it doesn't happen again
  • We take the time to do it right
  • We understand your industry because we live it
  • We show up when we say we are going to show up to get the job done
  • We are based in Roanoke and we do not outsource anything overseas
  • We do speak geek, but we assure you understand what is going on and have a clear picture to help you make an educated decision
  • We have Service Level Agreements that we live up to
  • ​We are committed to quality
  • We strive for excellence daily

We Offer.....

  • Proactive maintenance, not reactive
  • Putting our customers first
  • Being partners, not suppliers
  • Embrace new technologies
  • Upfront costs
  • Confidentiality in all we do
  • We're just simply ahead of the rest
  • Third party vendor assistance
  • We can act as a vendor liaison
  • Working with your Internet Service Provider
  • Provide monthly/quarterly Executive Summary Reporting
  • Provide network documentation and asset tracking
  •  Peace of mind

We Guarantee....

  • Response times
  • Not to be billed to resolve the same issue twice
  • Satisfaction
  • Friendly, courteous customer service
  • A working backup of your data
  • Remote access is always available
  • No virus will spread through your network
  • Your firewall will not be compromised
  • Your server will always be available

You Save....

  • No travel charges
  • Flat monthly fee 
  • Discounted rates on hardware
  • Fixed price projects
  • Charges only apply to adds, moves or changes

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